CHI Quartet

Chi Quartet touches your soul with tenderness by dreamy classical melodies and modern jazz grooves: free and pure like a child.

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“Last season this was my best booking ever at Jazz café Dizzy: international quality and a golden piano touch.” - Hanyo van Oosterom, programmer of several famous jazz venues in Rotterdam. 11/2019



"Probably the best show we’ve ever had at the lovely Rui Cunha Foundation gallery, with full house as the perfect closing of the 6th-year-partnership.”- Mars Siu Hong Lee, Chairman of Macau Jazz Promotion Association 11/2019



"The Chi Quartet executed these pieces with outstanding musicality and technical prowess.” UIC reporters: Samuel Burgess (MPRO), Robert Runnels (DCC) 11/2019


「從Chi的演奏中,我發現了滿有女性獨特味道的新大陸!她的柔情與幼細,與她不太aggreesive而偏慢的approach令我感動... 其實很少主流男性音樂人會這樣彈的。」香港著名音樂人- 鍾一諾 11/2019


充滿國際色彩的 CHI 爵士樂四重奏由鋼琴家及作曲家邵天慈(香港/澳門)於鹿特丹組成,樂隊成員包括半音階口琴家Armand van Wijck(荷蘭, 2019-2020)、薩克管手Loek van den Berg(荷蘭, 2020-)、鼓手Django Buiting(荷蘭 )及低音大提琴手 Yiannis Vagianos( 希臘)。樂隊的演奏風格充滿着振奮人心的現代爵士樂節奏,同時亦散發着細緻情感及優美旋律,感覺猶如置身於大城市中欣賞美麗的晚霞。

邵天慈於紐約曼克頓音樂學院取得古典鋼琴演奏碩士學位,在學期間對電影配樂及爵士樂感到濃厚興趣。畢業後回港澳工作,但她對爵士樂的熱愛最後帶領她到了荷蘭鹿特丹音樂學院。邵天慈的成長背景、在不同國家生活的體會以及穩固的古典音樂基礎都是她原創作品的靈感來源。 CHI 爵士樂四重奏期待和大家分享一個超越風格定義及充滿幻想的音樂旅程。


CHI Quartet is an international piano quartet based in Rotterdam. Formed by Macau/HK pianist and composer SIU, Tin-Chi, Greek bassist Yiannis Vagianos, Dutch chromatic harmonica player Armand van Wijck (2019-2020), Saxophone player Loek van den Berg (2020-), and drummer Django.


Chi is a female pianist and composer born and raised in Hong Kong and Macau. She received her higher classical education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, New York Manhattan School of Music, and Jazz in Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts).


Given the multi-cultural background, Chi's musical styles range from classical and jazz to Scandinavian jazz. Her own compositions, which encapsulate her diverse musical influences: heart-melting classical melodies colored by the intricate jazz harmonies, Indian and European folk rhythm elements intertwine with skillful Jazz improvisation. 


Chi is working on her first album which is the emblem of her long-standing fascination with the music of different worlds. Her music is simply embracing herself, go beyond any definition, and touch every soul with tenderness.